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David Park


Physical Therapist- IPA Manhattan

Physical Therapist- IPA Manhattan

Where were you born and what has been your living story as it relates to Physical Therapy?
I was born in New Brunswick, NJ and eventually moved to River Vale, NJ, where I spent the majority of my childhood/teenage years. At a young age, I was involved in Tae Kwon Do and received my 2nd degree black-belt at 18. I went on to pursue a degree in psychology and finance from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and for two years after graduation, I lived in Chicago working in mortgage banking. I moved back closer to home to NYC and continued working in mortgages but eventually, decided a change was in order. I came to terms with the fact that I wanted to leave the corporate world; I did not feel rewarded/fulfilled in the profession. I wanted to help people and pursue a career that made a difference. That is why I chose this path in Physical Therapy and never looked back. I received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Hunter College and it was during this time that I was introduced to the IPA and the FMT approach. The FMT paradigm made sense but it was during my clinical rotations at IPA Manhattan and the time spent in patient care after graduation that I was truly inspired by the changes that were being made through the FMT approach. As an avid golfer, I received my certification through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and incorporate the FMT paradigm in evaluating/treating kinematic swing sequence inefficiencies that are found in golfers, baseball, hockey and tennis players. I am very blessed to work with a group of skilled and passionate individuals at IPA Manhattan who continuously motivate and inspire me to deliver the best patient care.

What is your favorite thing about practicing Physical Therapy?
Everyone has their own habits, past experiences, dysfunctions, etc. that make the individualized sessions unique to each person. Having 60 minutes with a person gives us time to collectively start breaking down and identifying the mechanism(s) or major driver(s) of dysfunction that produce pain and prevent optimum function. Whether it be posturing habits, gait dynamics, body mechanics, strength deficits, etc., the ultimate goal is to help bring these major dysfunctional drivers to light, treat the issues and maintain these changes in order for individuals to function at their highest capacity.


Graduated Hunter College with a Doctor of Physical Therapy

Titleist Performance Institute Certification

2nd Degree black belt - Tae Kwon Do

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